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Friday, April 14, 2017

Index: Socorro County Marriages 1885-1907, 1911. Frames 1-40

Below is an index of Socorro County Marriages as recorded in the Socorro County Courthouse, from the periods of 1885-1907 and 1911. I've indexed the first 40 frames. I made no attempt to record dates or other information, just the names of the married couples. These specific records are for the years 1885-1888. You can view the images yourself  by clicking on the link below.

You can find this database on the FamilySearch website at this link:

"New Mexico, County Marriages, 1885-1954," images, FamilySearch ( : 18 December 2014), Socorro > image 1 of 173; State archives and county courthouses, New Mexico.

Image 1 - Title

Image 2 - Cover

Images 3-28 - Index

Image 29:
John Willis; Mattie Hancock
John North; Sarah J. Moore
Oscar T. Beyers; Minni Krouse

Image 30:
Benjamin Bishop; Annie Smith
Rev. J.D. Bush; E.M. Neal
Rev. P.D. Schultz; Allie Erwin
John G. Cox; Ada A. Schaffer
John Long; Sophia Russell
Francisco Vigil; Ennofria Mes

Image 31
John Mulgrave; Josie Rourk
James N. Leighton; Elizabeth Chadwick
Walter E. Locke; Anna Merrill
Albert A. Potter; Agnes Meader
Wallis E. Leonard; Nettie M. McColbough
Cornelius Burk; Flora Madden
Amos Green; Josefita Montoya
Francis M. Hill; Sarah R. Walson

Image 32
Guadalupe Lopes; Culasa Garcia
Teofilio Jaramillo; Soledaca Trijeca
William R. Jones; Mary L. Walker
Joseph E. Smith; Myscie Driver
N.W. Russell; Ada McClellan
Horace (?) Russell; Maggie May Coles
William Carson; Josephine Balie
John Suren; Williamina Lingmeyer

Image 33
Clark Minor; Jeanie Russell
John R. Hewit; Lelitia Maxwell
Samuel Lucas; Laura May Lewelling
Charles Scott; Sallie Koutz
Giovani Biavaschi; Ellojia Martinez
John P. McMurray; Annie Marie Donnally
William Hanway; Jessie Pennie

Image 34
Thomas Ashton; Mattie A. Hutchinss
Charles Sperling; Caroline E. Daubug
Oliver B. Bishop; Susie Sone
Albert M. Turner; Sallie Eubank
Frederick Ladener; Emma Amelia Rich
Elmer H. Gleason; Viola Smith

Image 35
George W. Featherston; Nacy A. Pickens
John Coffey; Sarah Brown
George Carson; Katie Lynch
C.N. Bertrand; Lula Smith
John Glen; Nancy A. Michham
Teofolo Baca; Elia Salazar
Teofilo Jaramillo;Soledad Trijeque (see
Teofilio Jaramillo; Soledaca Trijeca,

Image 36
George Partidge; Barbara Mason
Rev. Dana W. Bartlett; Mattie B.
Charles Hammond; Elizabeth Westlake
Max H. Koch; Alice Walter

Image 37
C.N. Bertrand; Lula Smith
John Glen; Nancy Wichham
(The previous two marriages are also on
image 35)
Vicente Rodrigues; Bonifacia Chavez
R.W. Moore; Lesla Thompson
Romane Centela; Andrea Samora
Elejah J. Marten; Cynthia Jane Haynes

Image 38
Daniel Bliss; Fannie Janes White
E.G. Davidson; S.C. Wilson
Mauro Cardizaro; Margarita Romero
William B. May; L.C. Steen
J.B. Stevenson; Laura Steen
Thomas Clark; Ysabella Struthers
Simon Stern; Tillie Price

Image 39
Henry R. Harris; Mary E. McCutchen
Robert L. Modie; Gertrude Olson
George E. Christilaw; Ada Cox
James A. Randolph; M.E. Hale

Image 40
Addison Barker; Ada A. Thomson
John M. Pecktal; Cynthia Orwig
Banyan B. Payne; Julia A. Buh
Wallace LeBarron; Melissa D. Bain
Charles Caldwell; Queenie v. Sparks

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