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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A listing of 1948 Death Certificates for Socorro County

In my ongoing research for the Socorro Land Grant Project, I've found a number of records that cannot be found online. These are from the Albuquerque Genealogy Center's LAN system. Below are names of people who died in  Socorro County in 1948 and have death certificates registered with the state. If you have any questions about these certificates or wish to have a copy, please let me know. My email is 

This list shows name, place of death, and date of death. Death certificates for "unnamed" persons are for stillborn or infant deaths. 
  1. Death Certificate: Joy Ann Key, Socorro, 14 April 1948
  2. Death Certificate: Mitchell Ellis, Socorro, 13 April 1948
  3. Death Certificate: Lupe Baca Duran, Magdalena, 13 April 1948
  4. Death Certificate: Jose F. Echenique, San Acacia, 6 April 1948
  5. Death Certificate: Gregoria Anderez Franzo, Contreras, 4 April 1948
  6. Death Certificate: George Goge, Magdalena, 3 April 1948
  7. Death Certificate: Nora Agnes Rickello, Magdalena, 2 April 1948
  8. Death Certificate: Leonicia Costales, 30 March 1948
  9. Death Certificate: Jesus Zamora, Socorro, 26 March 1948
  10. Death Certificate: Abel Arvizo, San Antonio, 21 March 1948
  11. Death Certificate: Alfonso Martinez, Socorro, 11 March 1948
  12. Death Certificate: Tomasita Cordova, Lemitar, 7 March 1948
  13. Death Certificate: Maximiano Montano, Socorro, 6 March 1948
  14. Death Certificate: Unnamed Minitris, Magdalena, 5 March 1948 (alive only 8 hours, 30 minutes)
  15. Death Certificate: Bibianita Peralta, La Joya, 4 march 1848
  16. Death Certificate: Cardenio Gonzales Chavez, Magdalena, 20 Feb 1948
  17. Death Certificate: Frank J. Zengerle, San Antonio, 14 Feb 1948
  18. Death Certificate: Sinseda Gomez, Magdalena, 9 February 1948 (alive only 9 hours)
  19. Death Certificate: Romona Peralta Aragon, Magdalena, 10 February 1948
  20. Death Certificate: K. L. Tuton, Rural area of Socorro County, 3 February 1948
  21. Death Certificate: Harold Estishbaugh, Magdalena, 30 Jan 1930
  22. Death Certificate: Pelacio Archuleta, San Marcial, 25 January 1948
  23. Death Certificate: Fernalita Lopez, Socorro, 9 January 1948
  24. Death Certificate: Frances Josepa Griego, Socorro, 2 January 1948

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Jose Antonio Padilla family and the Sevilleta Land Grant

About 20 miles north of Socorro is a community known as La Joya. This area, also known as La Joya de Sevilleta, was part of the Sevilleta Land Grant, which was resettled in 1810, a few years before the Socorro Land Grant. As one of the land grants close to Socorro, I've done a little (very little) research on the area.

Recently, I happened upon a certain Padilla family that lived in La Joya in the early part of the 19th century. Since I identified a couple of Padilla men in the 1818 list of Socorro residents, and I myself am descended from Padilla families, I figured that it was important to try to find a connection between the family of Jose Antonio Padilla of La Joya and these particular families. Unfortunately, I have not found the connection since I can only go as far as Jose Antonio Padilla himself. Therefore, I ask for my readers' help in this matter.

Below is a family group sheet for Jose Antonio Padilla:

Below is a descendant chart for Jose Antonio Padilla going forward three generations.

Descendants of Jose Antonio Padilla

For more information about La Joya and the Sevillita Land Grant, check out these sources:

J.J. Bowden's "The Sevileta Grant"

Teresa Ramirez Alief Jose Gonzales and Patrica Black Esterly, New Mexico Censuses of 1833 and 1845: Socorro and Surrounding Communities of the Rio Abajo (Albuquerque: New Mexico Genealogical Society, 1994), p.xiii. Available for purchase from the New Mexico Genealogical Society's website.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Adelman marriages 1881 & 1883 Socorro, New Mexico

I tend to focus on Hispanic genealogy, especially with this blog. This blog is meant to showcase the genealogies of Socorro Land Grantees. However, I also understand that certain researchers may be looking for family who lived in Socorro or surrounding areas. Therefore, I'm creating a new label on this blog called "RANDOM FINDS".

Today's Random Finds are two marriages from the Adelman family. There were performed in the San Miguel Church in Socorro, NM.

On 16 August 1881, Ch. Fred. (Charles Frederick) Adelman, single, residence not given, son of Michael and Maria Teresa, with Griselda Butieres (Gutierrez), widow of Jose Lopez, living in Socorro, daughter of J. Butieres and Maria de Jesus (no last name.) The padrinos (witnesses) were Baltazar Sedillo and Juana Montolla (Montoya.)

On 3 June 1883, August S. Schenk, single, residence not given, the son of Michael Schenk and Catarina Schenk, married Rosa Adelman, single, residence not given, daughter of Michael Adelman and Maria Teresa Ochs. The padrinos (witnesses) were Charley Adelman and Griselda Butierres (Gutierrez).

Source: Matrimonios: San Miguel del Socorro, 1 January 1854 - 31 December 1900; San Ignacio y San Cristobal, 1 March 1869 - 31 December 1900; San Marcial, 26 March 1883 - 31 December 1902; Our Lady of Sorrows of La Jolla, 1 January 1872 - 31 December 1900 (Alburquerque: Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico, 1999), pp. 146 & 157.