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Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Few Coincidences: The Torres Family

Recently, I’ve been researching a particular Torres family in Socorro. Specifically, the descendants of Agustin Torres and Felipa Baca. Independently of these research needs, I purchased a book titled “Santa BarbaraCemetery: Albuquerque, New Mexico”.  At least I thought it was independent of those needs.
Today I was in the Albuquerque Genealogy Library where I came across the authors of the above-mentioned book. I told Cheril that I had purchased the book, and she went to the shelves and brought out a copy. We began going through it, when I remembered that there was a particular family that I found at the cemetery when I visited it last years.

Getudres Zimmerly, the sister of my great-grandfather Estevan Zimmerly (not to confused with Estevan’s daughter of the same name) was married to Herminio Torres, her first cousin. This couple is buried in the cemetery, although not together. However, Getrudes is buried next to her adult son Ernest Torres. We found the entries for this family in the book, and was I able to give Cheril and her co-author Nancy some more information about this family. I mentioned that I did not know if Ernest had been married or not, and Cheril suggested that I look up his death certificate and obituary on the genealogy library’s LAN system. Well, I found his death certificates and four separate obituaries. I now know his wife’s name was Suzanne, he had a daughter named Edna Lois Torres and that his three sisters were married to M.A. Pino, John F. Ulivari (Ulibarri) and J.R. DeArmond. Although I don’t know which sister goes with which husband, I at least have a few leads for the family.

Below are links to my Evernote captures of the four obituaries and death certificate:

·         Ernesto Torres obituaries

·         Ernest Torres’ death certificate

Here is also a short genealogy of the family:

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Index: Socorro County Marriages 1885-1907, 1911. Images 41-60

Below is an index of Socorro County Marriages as recorded in the Socorro County Courthouse, from the periods of 1885-1907 and 1911. These are images 41-60. These specific records are for the years 1888-1891. You can view the images yourself  by clicking on the link below.

You can find this database on the FamilySearch website at this link:

"New Mexico, County Marriages, 1885-1954," images, FamilySearch ( : 18 December 2014), Socorro > image 1 of 173; State archives and county courthouses, New Mexico.

Image 41
A.M. Wylam; Georgia Wonnendorf
K.J. Ludke; Molie Modyandair
P.H. Donally; L.E. Ledfaid
John Koen Hunter; Rebeca Jane Stephens
Kenny Keerman; Lady Hyde
Merritt E. Feid; Olive F. Ohlhansen
P.C. Mills; Katie Cloe Fuller

Image 42
Louis R Whitemore; Katie Wilton (Hilton?)
John M. Rome; Mary A. Andrews
George Starring; Sarah Gregg
Frank Evans; Mamie Harrison

Image 43
John Davis; Martha Emerson
Fred Golden; Lucy Davis
Stephen McCommes; Jennie Swafford
Robert Harper; Mary Alice Jenkins
Donald Stewart; Mary Arnot
Jesus Orange; Veneranda Venabedez
(Benavidez) - This record is in Spanish.
Gabriel Taylor; Martina Chicona

Image 44
Walter R. Browne; Dulcena E. Simms
John S. Brown; Millie Johnston
Alex Elsie; Elizabeth Russell
John H. Woods; Alice Johnson
Antonio MaqueƱo; Candelario Pino (record
in Spanish.)
William Abbott; Nellie E. McInbeen
Jerome Wardworth; Eulalia Grassetete

Image 45
Duplicate of image 44.

Image 46
S.G. Hanna; Minerva Beedle
Edward Leonard; Williametta Bishop
George Belcher; Maudie Smith
William Clark Baldwin; Jermina Jane Adair
James Luming; Mamie Cunningham
Hiram F. Marsh; Sarah Jane Smith
Charles M. Hill; Marsella Walls

Image 47
Duplicate of Image 46

Image 48
Ernest J. Ettreim; Effie Oliver
Charles Isbell; Levanda Sanders
Robert Carter; Lucy Davis
Abel Alderete; Leonora Velasquez
B. Kemp; Wealthy Cox
Charles McCarty; Edna Jones
Jesus Baca; Petra Tafoya (record in

Image 49
C.T. Brown; Annie M. Kornitzer
Delmer L. Hildreth; Lydia Desney
Susano Tenorio; Martina Salazar
Jose Epanoso; Maria Chavez
Ben Wilton; Georgia McHenry

Image 50
Frank Tatti; Mariana Delmue
Miguel Gonzales; Juana Maria Sandoval  
Jas. (James?) B. Allen; Katie Smith
Donald Walker; Lena Daar

Image 51
John James; Mary Law McKinley
Adna Lamson; Antoinette Ferm Moore
Adolf C. Laffont; Claudie M. Rice
Ambrose Serna; Matina Romera (Romero)
Frank Smith; Alice Ashby
Thomas R. Young; Mary E. Mullen
George M. Hill; Florence S. Duncan

Image 52
Walter E. Reeves; Margrette Bush
George Gordon; Teofila Savathio

"1889 - 1890
"Record of Marriages, solemnized at St.
Michael's Church, (San Miguel) Socorro,
N.M. and elsewhere by Revs. Fr's Lestra &
T.P. O'Keefe"

February 10
Precopio Alderete; Feliciana Varellas
February 11
Epifanio Gonzales; Maria Samora
Juan Adril; Domitilia Gonzales
Monica Griego; Trinidad Alderete
March 5:
Hilario Gonzales; Maria Bourguignon

January 7
Maximo Urtiaga; Lucia Gonzales
Benito Valenzuela; Maria R. Peralta
Antonio Chavez; Merenciana Baldonado
Rafael Otero; Maria G. Jaramillo
Nestor Gonzales; Flora Baca
January 8
Mecedorio Martin; Maria P. Ramirez
February 3
Eugenio Abeyta; Josefa Ramirez
Candido Fajardo; Laura Padia (Padilla)
February 10
Antonio Aragon; Epimenia Lairda
February 11
Espiridion Gurule; Domitilia Gomez
February 28
Pablo Lopez; Elogia Morena
March 11
Julio Jacques; Vitalia Sanchez
March 12
Jose R. Trujillo; Luisa Montano
Andres Sanchez; Madelena Tafolla (Tafoya)
March 11 (sic)
Abel Alderete; Eleonar Beltran
April 14
James McBride; Sileria Sedillo
April 17
Elesar Baca; Rosa Telles
April 28
Juan Chavez; Bersabe Baca
April 29
J. Leandro Baca; Maria A. Padia (Padilla)
April 27 (sic)
Francisco Padilla; Figenia Sailles
May 5
Jesus Ma (Maria) Lopez; Rosaura Cordova
May 19
Daniel Torres; Mariana Pino
Atanacio Barrera; Isabel Escalante
May 23
Estanislado Sanchez; Juana Dias
May 31
epimenio Gil; Roumaldo Gavaldon
June 21
Boleslo Pino; Teresa Pino
June 23
Eubesbio Olguing; Porfiria Torres
July 22
Juan N. Gallegos; Annie Adelman

Image 53
(continued from previous page)
August 2
Alejandro Gonzales; Eudocia Maes
August 4
Pantaleon Apodaca; Manuela Urtado
August 14
Francisco Vigil; Antonia Armijo
Jose Jacques: Josefa Esquivel
August 16
Juan Padilla; Gregorio (Gregoria)
"Rev. T. P. O'Keefe
St. Michael's church
Socorro, N.M."

W.K. Sanders; Mattie Baker
John Morgan Sanders; Ellonora Mickley
Jas. (James?) J. Roby; Mammie Fletcher
Elijah M. Hartzog; Mamie A. Carmichael
Jesus Chavez; Emilia Madrid

Image 54
"January 1st 1891 A.D.
"Marriages solmenized in the Parish of
Saint Michael (San Miguel) of Socorro,
since August 1890 under the Rectorship of
Rev. Anthony Fardeger - Rector and
Abran Alvarez; Tomaara Vigil
Juan Nieto; Carlota Baca
Jose Leyva; Benita Padilla
Gregorio Griego; Juliana Lucero
Juan J. McIntyre; Annie May Moore
Pablo Wigham; Rosaura Ortega
Domingo Baca; Teresa Griego
Adolfo Gavaldon; Juanita Garcia
Seferino Bustos; Eloiza Benaucia
Jesus Pino; Rosaura Padilla
Amado Bargas; Carmelita Garcia
Damian Baca; Jesusita Vigil
Leanddro Martines; Carmera Garcia
Julia Giron; Teresita Samora
Julian Torres; Delfina Sanchez
Panifilio Delfin; Amada Nieto
Trausito Griego; Ana Felicita Salcido

Image 55
(continued from image 54)
Pedro Vigil; Maria Baca
Jose Leon Benavides; Juliana Baca
Crecencio Huizo; Manuela Castro
Jose Lopez; Teresita Sanchez
Ethan McCuistion; Mary Gordon
"In faith of all these I sign
"Rev. Anthony Fourchigu, Pastor and
Rector of Saint Michael's Church of
Socorro, N.M."

Arthur Goebel; Emma Brockman (record in
H.T. Maybery; Mary Patterson
(The marriage record below begins on image 55, and ends on
image 56)
William T. Williams; Ida Dindy

Image 56
Bill Roagers (sic); Olive Mangrum
John T. Jones; Lorenza Padilla
James Keenan; Nellie Gorman
Ignacio Duran; Guadalupe Baca

Image 57
Edward D. Ingraham; Jennie Boyce
Newman Brown; Gladys M. Earl
Walter W. Coplan; Sarah H. Earl
John G. Cox; Ada A. Shaffer
Wm (William) Hockett; Agnes Otto

Image 58
Jose De La Cruse (Jose de la Cruz) Lopez;
Nestora Chavez
Julio Grado; Nestora Peralta (record in
Anton Mayer; Annie Lundy
The following entries were performed in
San Miguel Catholic Church:
Frank Willonghby; Laura Clough
Nestor Abeyta; Francisca Gonzales
Ramon Gonzales; Beatriz Gonzales
Abran Dreijo; Rosaura Analla (Anaya)
(This record continues onto image 59)

Image 59
(contining San Miguel Church marriages
from image 58)
Porfirio Montoya; Anita Garcia
Zenobio Lopez; Emerenciana Valenzuela
Polidoro Olguin; Domitilla Escamias
Matias Romero; Domitila Giron
Segundo Gomes; Victoriana Apodaca
Nepomuceno Garcia; Avelina Nunez
Jose Reuben Barela; Maria Salazar
Rocindo Gomez; Barsabe Moya
Jose Montoya; Maria Elijia Bustos
Jose Baca; Isabel Analla
Epitacio Torres; Tomasa Rivas
Manuel Montoya; Raymunda Martinez
Barnabal Ortega; Juanita Garcia
Elfas Chavez; Emilia Aragon

Image 60
(continuing San Miguel Church marriages
from images 58 & 59)
Jenaro Melero; Lucaria Montoya
Igancio Duran; Guadalupe Baca (apparently
this is the same couple as the couple on
image 56. It appears that they were
married by the justice of the peace on 20
March 1891, and then by the Catholic
Church on 1 May 1891.)
Joseph Page; Jennie Corran
Pilar Salas; Librada Ruiz
Teodoro Apodaca; Valentina Griego
"Rev. Anthony Fourchigro, Pastor and
Rector of Saint Michael's Church of
July 1, 1891"
(End of San Miguel records)

James J. House; Nellie O. Williams
Miguel Montana (Montano); Paula Mus (sic)
Daniel S. Witmer; Rebecca Jane Only

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Three indexes on Socorro County Marriages, 1885-1913

On Thursday, I blogged about Family Search's (relatively) new collection of databases on New Mexico County Marriages, 1885-1954 (LINK.) This collection is of marriages recorded in the Sandoval, Socorro and Valencia county courthouses. These are actual images of entries and certificates.

Yesterday, I received a request from a friend asking if I could find a marriage record for her grandparents. She knew her grandparents had been married in Magdalena (Socorro County), but she was unsure of the date. She thought that they may have been married in 1910. I found their marriage record in January 1908. The record did not included their parents names (she already had them), but it did include their birthdates. Now any good genealogist will tell you that a birthdate mentioned in a marriage record is not a primary source - primary sources are created soon after the event occurs, and marriages take place many years after a person's birth - but it is at least a good "clue" to the actual birthdate of a person, if not the actual birthdate itself. I would suggest searching for a baptismal record or a birth certificate (if it exists) for that person to confirm birthdates.

I was able to find this record only because I was able to find a second index in one of the databases. Socorro County Marriages 1885-1913, Vols. 1-3 actually has THREE indexes, as it has three volumes (LINK.) The indexes are somewhat in alphabetical order, as in they are categorized by first letter. However, since they were indexed at the same time that the entries were made, the alphabetical order within the letter groupings is mixed up. It's easy enough to read through, though, as their is usually not more than one letter group per image.

* Volume One - The index is on images 6 through 31. The entries begin on image 32.
* Volume Two - The index is on images 181 through 195. The entries begin immediately on image 195.
* Volume Three - The index is on images 467 through 490. The entries begin on image 491.

It's important to realize that the index are for page numbers and NOT image numbers. The pages are on the top of the images, and there are usually two pages per image. You'll have to browse through the database to find the exact page you are looking for.

Happy Hunting!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Index: Socorro County Marriages 1885-1907, 1911. Frames 1-40

Below is an index of Socorro County Marriages as recorded in the Socorro County Courthouse, from the periods of 1885-1907 and 1911. I've indexed the first 40 frames. I made no attempt to record dates or other information, just the names of the married couples. These specific records are for the years 1885-1888. You can view the images yourself  by clicking on the link below.

You can find this database on the FamilySearch website at this link:

"New Mexico, County Marriages, 1885-1954," images, FamilySearch ( : 18 December 2014), Socorro > image 1 of 173; State archives and county courthouses, New Mexico.

Image 1 - Title

Image 2 - Cover

Images 3-28 - Index

Image 29:
John Willis; Mattie Hancock
John North; Sarah J. Moore
Oscar T. Beyers; Minni Krouse

Image 30:
Benjamin Bishop; Annie Smith
Rev. J.D. Bush; E.M. Neal
Rev. P.D. Schultz; Allie Erwin
John G. Cox; Ada A. Schaffer
John Long; Sophia Russell
Francisco Vigil; Ennofria Mes

Image 31
John Mulgrave; Josie Rourk
James N. Leighton; Elizabeth Chadwick
Walter E. Locke; Anna Merrill
Albert A. Potter; Agnes Meader
Wallis E. Leonard; Nettie M. McColbough
Cornelius Burk; Flora Madden
Amos Green; Josefita Montoya
Francis M. Hill; Sarah R. Walson

Image 32
Guadalupe Lopes; Culasa Garcia
Teofilio Jaramillo; Soledaca Trijeca
William R. Jones; Mary L. Walker
Joseph E. Smith; Myscie Driver
N.W. Russell; Ada McClellan
Horace (?) Russell; Maggie May Coles
William Carson; Josephine Balie
John Suren; Williamina Lingmeyer

Image 33
Clark Minor; Jeanie Russell
John R. Hewit; Lelitia Maxwell
Samuel Lucas; Laura May Lewelling
Charles Scott; Sallie Koutz
Giovani Biavaschi; Ellojia Martinez
John P. McMurray; Annie Marie Donnally
William Hanway; Jessie Pennie

Image 34
Thomas Ashton; Mattie A. Hutchinss
Charles Sperling; Caroline E. Daubug
Oliver B. Bishop; Susie Sone
Albert M. Turner; Sallie Eubank
Frederick Ladener; Emma Amelia Rich
Elmer H. Gleason; Viola Smith

Image 35
George W. Featherston; Nacy A. Pickens
John Coffey; Sarah Brown
George Carson; Katie Lynch
C.N. Bertrand; Lula Smith
John Glen; Nancy A. Michham
Teofolo Baca; Elia Salazar
Teofilo Jaramillo;Soledad Trijeque (see
Teofilio Jaramillo; Soledaca Trijeca,

Image 36
George Partidge; Barbara Mason
Rev. Dana W. Bartlett; Mattie B.
Charles Hammond; Elizabeth Westlake
Max H. Koch; Alice Walter

Image 37
C.N. Bertrand; Lula Smith
John Glen; Nancy Wichham
(The previous two marriages are also on
image 35)
Vicente Rodrigues; Bonifacia Chavez
R.W. Moore; Lesla Thompson
Romane Centela; Andrea Samora
Elejah J. Marten; Cynthia Jane Haynes

Image 38
Daniel Bliss; Fannie Janes White
E.G. Davidson; S.C. Wilson
Mauro Cardizaro; Margarita Romero
William B. May; L.C. Steen
J.B. Stevenson; Laura Steen
Thomas Clark; Ysabella Struthers
Simon Stern; Tillie Price

Image 39
Henry R. Harris; Mary E. McCutchen
Robert L. Modie; Gertrude Olson
George E. Christilaw; Ada Cox
James A. Randolph; M.E. Hale

Image 40
Addison Barker; Ada A. Thomson
John M. Pecktal; Cynthia Orwig
Banyan B. Payne; Julia A. Buh
Wallace LeBarron; Melissa D. Bain
Charles Caldwell; Queenie v. Sparks

Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Mexico County Marriages, 1885-1954 -

For anyone looking for late 19th Century through mid 20th Century marriage records in Sandoval, Socorro or Valencia Counties, there is a (relatively) new resource online. has added a collection "New Mexico, County Marriages, 1885-1954". These databases have images of marriage records from the state archives and county courthouses. It is not a searchable database; you will have to browse through the collection. However, in at least in a few of the databases, there are indexes in the first few images.

Click on this link read the description of this collection. Click on the link on that page to browse through the images.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

List of Socorro County Republican delegates, 1906

Prior to statehood, and a couple of decades afterwards, Republicans held the majority in New Mexico. Most of delegates to the 1911 New Mexico Constitutional Convention were Republican; all of Hispanic delegates were Republican. It wouldn't be until Dennis Chavez was elected to the U.S. Senate, Franklin Roosevelt became president, and the New Deal began to affect New Mexico that the majority of voters in New Mexico switched from Republican to Democrat.

Socorro County, like many counties in New Mexico, was dominated by the Republican Party. Many Hispanics were in the leadership of the Socorro County Republican Party, including my second great-grandfather Jose Epitacio Torres. The 15 September 1906 issue of "The Socorro Chieftain listed Jose E. Torres as the county's Chairman of the Republican Central Committee.

The image below is a list a delegates to the Socorro County Convention. The delegates include the following men:

Jose E. Torres
Lorenzo M. Vigil
Jose E. Montoya
Jose D. Carrillo
Abran Baca
Serafin Lucero
Jose M. Lopez
Rafael Mendoza
Thos.(Thomas) F. Cooney
F. H. Gregg
William Gardiner
A.B. Baca
Pablo Trujillo
Chas. (Charles) Eaton
Domingo Baca
David Giron
Al Strozzi
W.E. Manning
George P. Williams
Telesfor Gabaldon
Pablo Y. Trujillo
Manuel Gabaldon
C.T. Brown
Julian Montoya
Edward Tafoya
Serobabel Chavez
Alejo (Alejandro) Gurule
C.H. Ehmendorf
Rafael Lopez
Pablo Armijo
Manuel S. Pino
Luciano Tafoya
J.K.P. May
Wm. (William) H. Antrim
Estevan Contreras
B. C. Raynolds
D.B. Sorrels
J. Peralta y Cisneros
Genovevo Padilla
Juan Silva
Donaciano Gabaldon
Jose Baca y Sedillo
Henry Martin
A.A. Sedillo

These delegates were to attend the Socorro convention, and elect 11 delegates who were attend the state convention in Las Vegas, New Mexico, on 29 September.

The results of the Socorro County Republican Convention can be read on the Chronicling America website here (click on link.) The convention favored joint statehood. Joint statehood was an idea of annexing New Mexico and Arizona into the United States as one state. Obviously, that did not happen, but statehood had eluded New Mexicans for over 50 years by this point and many believed that this was the only way that New Mexico could achieve statehood.

"Call for Republican Convention: Socorro County, New Mexico", The Socorro chieftain. (Socorro, N.M.), 15 Sept. 1906. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress. <>. Accessed 8 April 2017

"Republicans Convene", The Socorro chieftain. (Socorro, N.M.), 29 Sept. 1906. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress. <>. Accessed 8 April 2017.

"New Mexico's Statehood: 100 Years of Enchantment", New Mexico Office of State Historian website, Accessed 8 April 2017.