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Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Few Coincidences: The Torres Family

Recently, I’ve been researching a particular Torres family in Socorro. Specifically, the descendants of Agustin Torres and Felipa Baca. Independently of these research needs, I purchased a book titled “Santa BarbaraCemetery: Albuquerque, New Mexico”.  At least I thought it was independent of those needs.
Today I was in the Albuquerque Genealogy Library where I came across the authors of the above-mentioned book. I told Cheril that I had purchased the book, and she went to the shelves and brought out a copy. We began going through it, when I remembered that there was a particular family that I found at the cemetery when I visited it last years.

Getudres Zimmerly, the sister of my great-grandfather Estevan Zimmerly (not to confused with Estevan’s daughter of the same name) was married to Herminio Torres, her first cousin. This couple is buried in the cemetery, although not together. However, Getrudes is buried next to her adult son Ernest Torres. We found the entries for this family in the book, and was I able to give Cheril and her co-author Nancy some more information about this family. I mentioned that I did not know if Ernest had been married or not, and Cheril suggested that I look up his death certificate and obituary on the genealogy library’s LAN system. Well, I found his death certificates and four separate obituaries. I now know his wife’s name was Suzanne, he had a daughter named Edna Lois Torres and that his three sisters were married to M.A. Pino, John F. Ulivari (Ulibarri) and J.R. DeArmond. Although I don’t know which sister goes with which husband, I at least have a few leads for the family.

Below are links to my Evernote captures of the four obituaries and death certificate:

·         Ernesto Torres obituaries

·         Ernest Torres’ death certificate

Here is also a short genealogy of the family:

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