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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Juana Andrea Montoya and Her Two Husbands

Juana Andrea Montoya's two husbands are both descendants of the founders of the Socorro Land Grant. Juana Andrea Montoya, born 30 November 1883, was the daughter of Jose Casmiro Montoya and Manuela Abeyta.

Juana Andrea Montoya first married Miguel Marquez 18 August 1900 in Socorro, New Mexico. They had one child, Manuelita Marquez who was born circa 1901 and died 40 years later on 3 November 1941.

Miguel Marquez was the son of Jose Apolinario Antonio Marquez and Juana Maria Bartola Lucero. Jose Apolinario Antonio Marquez's maternal grandparents were Jose Antonio Molina and Maria Guadalupe Romero. I have identified Jose Antonio Molina as one of the early settlers of Socorro through his listed contribution to the Navajo Campaign of 1818. Molina's father-in-law, Santiago Romero is also on that list.

Juana Andrea Montoya's second husband was Ignacio Torres, the son of Jose Crespin Torres and Maria Andrea Trujillo. Ignacio and Juana Andrea married on 25 August 1906 in Socorro. Ignacio Torres has five ancestors on the 1818 Navajo Campaign list. Great grandfather Juan Montoya and Juan's father-in-law Francisco Xavier Garcia Jurado are on the list. Ignacio's great grandfather Juan Antonio Trujillo, and Juan Antonio's father Juan Agustin Trujillo are also on the list; as is Ignacio's 2nd great-grandfather Pedro Antonio Silva.

Juana Andrea Montoya herself is not descended from people on the 1818 list, however it is likely that at least a few of her ancestors were early settlers as they are related to people on the list. As example, her great-grandfather Francisco Antonio Montoya was the brother of Ignacio's great-grandfather Juan Montoya.

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