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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Belen family of Socorro founders in 1818 List

On 21 September 1818, residents of the village of Belen were recorded on a list when they made contributions to the same Navajo war campaign that Socorro residents contributed to. The Belen list is four pages long. At some point I may analyze this list as I did with the Socorro list, but for now I want to mention just a few names on the list as they pertain to early Socorro families:

Luis Chaves may be Luis Maria Chaves, the husband of Maria Isabel Padilla. Some of Luis' children, all of whom were born in either the Plaza of Los Garcias or Belen proper,would later live in the Socorro area. Sixty-year old Luis, without his wife, was living in Sabino in 1833.

Santiago Torres' wife Maria Barbara Ortiz gave birth to many, if not all, of their children in Belen. The earliest record that shows Santiago Torres in Socorro is one from 26 December 1822 when he and his daughter Maria Guadalupe were padrinos (godparents) of Juan Estevan Torres, the son of Santiago's Indian servant Josefa Torres. The family of Santiago and Barbara (Ortiz) Torres are listed in the 1833 census of La Parida, a community near Socorro. Many of their descendants lived (and still live) in the Socorro area.

(Don) Paulin Baca (Paulino Baca) was the son of Juan Francisco Baca and Francisca de Jesus Sandoval. As such, he was the brother of Dionosio Antonio Baca, a founder of Socorro. Paulin and his wife Maria Lugarda Tafoya remained in Belen. However, some of his descendants found their way down to Socorro.

(Don) Juan Jose Baca was the son of Juan Felipe Baca and Maria Isabel Baca. He was the brother of Juan Dionosio Baca, a founder of Socorro, and the cousin of the similarly named Dionosio Antonio Baca. Juan Jose Baca and his wife Margarita Chaves also remained in Belen. Some of his descendants later lived in Socorro.

(Doña) Juana Maria Baca, was the wife (maybe widow?) of Jose (Francisco) Pino. She was another child of Juan Francisco Baca and Francisca de Jesus Sandoval. It appears that she and descendants remained in the Belen area.
Partial list of names on the 1818 Belen list.

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