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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some notes on the descendants of Dionosio Antonio Baca and Ana Maria Sanchez

Dionosio Antonio Baca and Ana Maria Sanchez were original settlers of Socorro. In the 1818 enumeration of Socorro, Doña Ana Maria Sanches is listed individually as contributing goods to the Navajo war campaign. She is noted as being the wife (esposa) of lieutenant Don Dionosio Baca. Today I have been researching their descendants and members of their household.

* One of their sons, Jose Antonio Baca and his wife Maria Manuela Barreras, had a daughter by the name of Ana Maria Eufemia Baca. She was born April 20, 1820 in Belen, New Mexico. On April 23rd, she was baptized, and adopted by Diego Armijo and Maria Josefa Barreras. Why she was adopted is unknown. However, it does seem that Maria Josefa Barreras was somehow related to Maria Manuela Barreras, possibly she was her sister. I thought maybe this was because the Armijo couple were barren. This is apparently not the case. On April 21, 1819, Diego Armijo and Maria Josefa Barreras had a daughter by the name of Maria Rosalia Armijo. That daughter was baptized on April 23rd of that year. I find it interesting that both girls were baptized on the same date and almost born on the same date, one year apart. I don't know if this means anything, but the coincidence is outstanding. 

I looked for more information regarding Ana Maria Eufemia Baca/Armijo. I couldn't find marriage records or baptismal records for any children. It would be interesting to see if this girl had any descendants. 

Lila Armijo Pfeufer et. al., extractors and compilers, New Mexico Baptisms Church of Our Lady of Belen: 1810-1851 (Albuquerque: New Mexico Genealogical Society, 1998), pp. 83 and 94.

* On March 30, 1834, Maria Anastasia Baca married Antonio Torres in Socorro, New Mexico. On both their marriage record and a March 3rd prenuptial record of the couple, it is noted that Maria Anastasia Baca was the "criada" of deceased Dionosio Baca. This apparently means that she was Dionosio Baca's servant. A January 22, 1842 baptismal record for Maria Anastasia's daughter Maria Antonia de Jesus Torres indicates that Maria Anastasia Baca was the daughter of the criada servant of Dionocio Baca, Maria del Rasario (no surname.) Therefore, it appears that both Maria Anastasia Baca and her mother were servants of Dionosio Antonio Baca. 

Joe Sanchez III, extractor and Antonia Duran Silva editor, San Miguel del Socorro, New Mexico Marriage Records: 1821-1853 (Whittier, CA: independently published, 1999), p. 20.

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Lila Armijo Pfeufer, Margaret Leonard Windham, and and Evelyn Lujan Baca, New Mexico Baptisms San Miguel de Socorro Church: 1821-1853 (Albuquerque: New Mexico Genealogical Society, 1998), p. 152.

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