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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Baca and Garcia Jurado Ancestry of Socorro Land Grantees

As part of my research on the Socorro Land Grant, I have created several spreadsheets to organize information. One of those spreadsheets shows how each of the 60+ land grantees is descended from either Cristobal Baca or Ramon Garcia Jurado, the precursors of those respective families. The spreadsheet that is linked below demonstrates those links either through the person listed on the 1818 Donation List or through their spouse. 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Spanish, Mexican and Territorial New Mexico Records on Ancestry

 If you have a paid membership to, you can access the following New Mexico records for Spanish, Mexican and United States Territorial periods:

New Mexico, U.S., Civil Records of New Spain, 1621-1821- These records organized by "Twitchell Numbers". These are original Spanish era records and are in Spanish. 

New Mexico, U.S., Land Records of New Spain, 1692-1846 - These are original Spanish and Mexican documents as well as transcriptions of those records and United States court documents relating to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants.

New Mexico, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1801-1993 - As described in the title, these are United States wills and probate records. You can browse these records by county, including Socorro County.

There are many other records that can be found on Ancestry, but I find these are particularly useful for New Mexico genealogy.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Socorro County deed, mining, mortgage, and land records

 On Family Search, there are a number of digital records from the Socorro County that can be accessed. Some are in English, many are in Spanish. All are original. Take a look. There are few indexes, so you may have to scroll through the images to find an ancestor or two.

Click on the link below to begin searching:

Deeds, mining locations, mortgage records, and miscellaneous land records, 1881-1929; indexes, 1851-1937 (Socorro County, New Mexico)

Monday, October 14, 2019

Index: Socorro County Marriages 1885-1907, 1911. Images 61-80

Below is an index of Socorro County Marriages as recorded in the Socorro County Courthouse, from the periods of 1885-1907 and 1911. These are images 61-80. These specific records are for the years 1891-1893. You can view the images yourself  by clicking on the link below.

You can find this database on the FamilySearch website at this link:

"New Mexico, County Marriages, 1885-1954," images, FamilySearch ( : 18 December 2014), Socorro > image 1 of 173; State archives and county courthouses, New Mexico.

image 61
Charles D. Wilson and Eliza Gordon
Robert J. Murry and Mary Anderson
William D. Watson and Jessie G. Holloway
George Webber and Laura Luisa Bell
Gilbert C. Musey and Ida Spencer
Max Gandind and Eloisa Bacca (Baca)

image 62
F.W. Keith and Cora James
Charles G. Lueham and Sarah Lula Thompson
F. Bud Dyer and Clara M. Tate
Jose Dolores Ortis (Ortiz) and Maria Clure
R. W. Anderson and Cora Robinson

image 63
A.J. Bahney and Clara J. Gooding
Lorenzo Padia (Padilla) and Natividad Montoya 

(recorded twice on the same page.)

image 64
Manuel Chaves and Pablita Andelas
Felipe Morena (Moreno) and Manella (Manuela) 

Jose Montoya and Francisca Torres
Serifin Aragon and Commelia Duran
Julian Silva and Emelia Gonzales
Silvester C. Abeytia and Rosa Crespin

image 65
"Marriages list of the Parish church of Saint Michael of Socorro, N.M. from July 1891 to December 31, 1891 by Rev. Father Anthhony Fourchegu Pastor and Rector"

Miguel Abeyta and Josefa Abeyta
Francisco Saavedra and Tiburua Baca
Carlos Montoya and Epimenia Padilla
Luz Ribera and Bibiana Marques
Teofilo Torres and Juanita Gurule
Ygnacio Pena and Miguela Chavez
Pablo Padilla and Abrana Silva
Alejandro Gallegos and Aurora Sanchez
Levi Sanchez and Maria Smith
J.A. Hammel and Yrma Guenier
Telesfora Zamora and Maria Remedias Leyva
Precopio Leyva and Maria Prudencia Salas
Mateo Analla (Anaya) and Guadalupe Martinez
Flavio Romero and Maria Carlota Lucero

image 66
Candeleria Torres and Georgina Baca

"All of these I certify correct and recorded in  the books of the Saint Michael's church of  Socorro, at Socorro, N.M. On the 31st of   December 1891 A.D. Rev. Anthony Fourehigu. 

pastor and rector."

Pablo Trujillo and Mariana Durs (Luis?)
Felipe Lopez and Telesfora Chavez
David Perry and Rita Vigil
Florencio Gil and Maria Chavez
C.E. Tipton and Sarah Kelly

image 67
W.J. Butler and Josephine de Priest
James A. Smiley and Maggie Grace
John R. Parish and Nellie Hitchcock
Jose Russell and Edith Atkins
Charles Baud and Sarah Williams

image 68
Robert N. Williams and Mary W.Noles
Joseph N. Connell and Katie S. Hahn
Jose Miranda and Maria Luz Sisneros
James H. Osborn and Nellie Gibbons
Juan Valenzuela and Maria Valenzuela
George Wolfinger and O. Luisa Bursum
Acencion Ortis and Felizita Ortega
William M. Spillers and Luzy Dean
Kenny S. Delgar and Rebecca Geiero

image 69
Asa Reed Dean and Nora Gatlin
James Arnot and Lizzie Roe
Clement Jung and Louis M. Luchano
Chilion Riley and Emma Maude Russell
Frances M. Hill and Sarah R. Wilson
Romone Gentela and Andrea Sernero

image 70
William Hartzag and Dora York
Francis Wilson and Kizzie Beetle

Marriages celebrated in the parish of Saint   MIchael of Socorro ... from 1st of January 1892,  until 30 June 1892

Juan Figerora and Rufina Gomez
Telesforo Montoya and Veronica Contreras
Perfilio Tafoya and Doloritas Montoya
Jose Castillo and Remedios Baca
Anastacio Zamora and Paola Garcia

image 71
(continued from image 70)
Jose Zamora and Vicenta Garcia
Tomas I. Harris and Isabel Giron
Telesfor Chavez and Maria Luisa Montoya
Cesareo Bataini and Aurora Padilla
Luis Bourguignon and Manuela Gonzales
Melguiades Armijo and Rufina Vigil
Apdelario Telles and Anastasia Garcia
Pablo Martinez and Placida Baca
Antonio Saavedra and Romualda Baca
Mascimiano Molina and Barsabe Salazar
Edwardo Chavez and Rosaura Jiron
Jackson Robison and Rufina Gonzales
(end of San Miguel marriages)

image 72
W.D. Marry and Teresa Chavez
Joseph Ray and Eva Willey
Rumaldo Griego and Bitoria de la Cruz
J.J. Leeson and Lin Serr
Pio Papa (?) and Marcelina Garcia

image 73
Pio Papa (of Switzerland) and Marcelina Garcia
Sabrino Ortega and Maria Sostenes Garcia
W.F. Jones and E.F. Smith
John Kennedy and Dorothea Jensen
Henry Williams and Olive May Potter

image 74
(Unreadable names)
Dick Murray and Annie A. Morris
J.C Herist and Marsis Smith
James H. Johnson and Belle P. Swafford
Ambrosio Serna and Lula Lucero
George Washington Roberts and Lydia Adeline Clark

image 75
Frederick Walls and Rebecca Catherine Patt
William Grant and Alice Zora de Priest
George William Ravenson and Mary Belle Shannon
W.H. Webb (of El Paso) and Dorie Nicla
Jose Antonio Torres and Romualdita Baca
George G. Graham and Samantha Jane Johnson

image 76
Benjamin Clegg and Matilda Williams
H.A. Patterson and Nellie Westlake
Ralph Elton Luther (?) Lucy Brown
John Batish Crammer (?) and Susie Bondedrier
Samuel S. Eldridge and Nettie C. Gibbons
W. Tate Van Dusen and Minnie Sickles

image 77
Thomas Davenport and Ida Belle Rainbolt
Omar Rice and Kate Martin
Victoriano Sedillo and Filomena Vallejos
Rejino Garcia and Maria Abalos

image 78
E.D. Hagan and Margaret B. Keith
Charles G. Yaple and Dora A. Harris
Morris H. Frame and Mimmie F. Hoss
Frank Durham and Anna Durham
Charles W. Lilywhite and Margaret Coplan
Pablo Rivera and Juanita Leevata

image 79
Winter Thomas and Kate Rutherford
Leonis Marian Ross and Lillie May Wood
Charles Willis Davenport, Jr. and Sallie Tuomey Handy
William Homer Hill and May Lincoln Berry
BIRTH RECORD: Esther Levy, 27 day of NOvember 1887, Mr. & Mrs. A. Levy of Sabinal, Socorro County, New Mexico.
BIRTH RECORD: Mirian Levy, 23 day of September 1890. Mr. & Mrs. A. Levy of Sabinal.

image 80
Margarito Castillo and JOsefa Aldaretta
Juan Garcia y Baca and Tocha Sanchez
Casamiro Aldez and Juanita Tafoya
Antonio Lappero adn Isabelita Sanches

Monday, March 26, 2018

Black Sheep Story: Antonio Duran y Chaves

I love to read the diligencias matrimoniales (prenuptial investigation) of my ancestors. These records, as transcribed by Fray Angelico Chavez in his series "New Mexico Roots, Ltd." are a treasure trove of information. Not only can a researcher get marriage information that can not be found anywhere else, but sometimes one can get an interesting story or two. Such is the case for the prenuptial investigation of Antonio Duran y Chaves and his intended Juana Baca, that was conducted on 7 March 1718 in Bernalillo, New Mexico.

The first piece of information that I found interesting is that Juana Baca is listed as being of "unknown parentage". Through other sources, I know the situation of her birth: she was the illegitimate daughter of another Juana Baca. Although the record states that her parentage is unknown, it also mentions that Juana Baca (the younger) and her fiancee Antonio Duran y Chaves were related in the 3rd degree of consanguinity. How would they have known the two were related if her parents were unknown?

The story gets more interesting, though. It seems that Antonio Duran y Chaves had a little fling with one of Juana's unnamed relatives. He was seeking dispensation so that he could get married to Juana because he was related to Juana's cousin by the second degree of affinity, and also his own 4th degree of consanguinity.* Other reasons for the request: Juana was poor and feared for her reputation if her relatives were to die. Antonio was also charitable in taking her in, and was very fond of her. How sweet!

The couple was given their dispensation and were allowed to be married. However, Antonio was to pay penance for his sin. The groom's punishment for was to do manual labor at the church once a week for 4 months, beg alms for poor souls, donate 1,000 adobes each for the Albuquerque church and the Bernalillo cemetery, and personally make 100 adobes each for the Albuquerque and Bernalillo churches while working one whole week at each church. This punishment was to be warning to others who might commit the same sins as he.

Antonio Duran y Chaves and Juana Baca were my 6th great grandparents on my mother's side.

* Affinity means that he is related by marriage, or in this case intended marriage. Consanguinity means that he was related by blood. 2nd degree usually means 1st cousin, 3rd degree is often second cousin, and 4th degree is usually 3rd cousin. However, other relationships such as 1st cousin once removed, and second cousin once removed can be the basis for the 3rd and 4th degrees, respectively.

Fray Angelico Chavez, New Mexico Roots, Ltd.: A Demographic Perspective from genealogical, historical and geographic data found in the Diligencias Matrimoniales or Pre-Nuptial Investigations (1678-1869) of the Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. (Santa Fe, New Mexico: typescript, 1982), volume 2, p. 305.

Fray Angelico Chavez, Origins of New Mexico Families: A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period: Revised Edition (Santa Fe: Museum of New Meixco Press, 1992), Kindle Edition. (Kindle Locations 6151-6156).

Monday, January 1, 2018

Microfilm only: Socorro County probate records

The last two sets of probate records can only be found on microfilm at the Family History Library (and *maybe* by ordering at Family History Centers?) are listed below. No images online, just a description and list of microfilm:

* Wills, testaments & inventories (Socorro County, New Mexico), 1870-1874

* Homestead records (Socorro County, New Mexico), 1882-1906